NCS (National Citizens Service) Community Partners and Advisers required

Here at NCS with the Challenge, we offer an inclusive three-week programme during the summer that is open to all 15-17 year-olds across the West Midlands. As part of the programme, the young people are partnered with community partners who the young people visit, learn about and spend a day volunteering for. To this end, we are looking for community partners in the form of Charities and Community organisations for our young people to partner with.

Part of the programme involves local professionals/community leaders from all sectors offering some of their time, knowledge and expertise to our teams of young people to advise them on their project proposals.
We have multiple opportunities for both parts of the project through the summer.

If you feel that you or your organisation would like to be involved please contact: Lina Acharya (Programme Associate Manager at The Challenge)
Address: 52 Charlotte Street, Birmingham B3 1AR
Email: lina.acharya[at]the-challenge[dot]org
Number: 07392 873 488