BVSC Team Challenge

Team Challenge Birmingham is a programme managed by BVSC that offers a fully facilitated
package of community action volunteering for the business sector.

We are looking for a variety of large practical projects for teams of up to 40 business volunteers to carry
out over one or more days. These could include anything from indoor painting and decorating to
basic carpentry projects and from pond clearance to outdoor artwork.
Projects must benefit the community, be sustainable and result in a visible change that will
positively impact users’ experiences.

BVSC manages all stages of the Team Challenge from start to finish including matching your project
with a volunteer team, all project preparation tasks (including risk assessment), coordinating the
volunteers on the day and collating feedback. We want the project to be as undisruptive to you as
possible, but occasionally we might ask for your assistance and would like you to introduce your
organisation to the volunteers. Your organisation needs to have Public Liability Insurance for us to
bring a group of volunteers and a location for breaks and belongings to be stored. All materials and
equipment for the project will be sourced by BVSC and the costs will be covered by the business

A Team Challenge does not have to be a one-off event. We can work with you on more than one
occasion. We try to build relationships as much as possible and welcome the possibility of working
with your organisation on an ongoing basis. Please pass this on to any other organisation that you
feel could benefit from our services.

If you would like to receive a team of volunteers please email businessinvolvement[at]bvsc[dot]org for
an Expression of Interest form. We will be in touch with you if it appears to be a suitable project and
will organise a site visit. Please note: An expression of interest or site visit do not guarantee that we are
able to organise a volunteer team to complete your project.

For further information please call Team Challenge on 0121 678 8829.